Pressmaster C301

Pressmaster C301
Pressmaster C301
Brand: Pressmaster
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The CX301 is the most accurate and versatile coaxial hand-stripping tool, designed to provide 3strip steps on chosen cable. Example of cables that could be stripped is RG 58/59/62/174/180/188/ 195/316/6/ Belden 8282. Enclosed V-blocks make Corex usefull for cables in range of 2,5-7,6 mm.

  • Universal tool body will take all cassettes.
  • Simplified tool design for easy change of V-blocks.
  • All strip dimensions in accordance with industry standards.
  • Always delivered as a complete kit
  • Cassettes with high quality steel with razor sharp edges for long and effective use.


Technical data
Lenght mm/inch: 90 mm/3,54
Height mm/inch: 38 mm/1,50
Weight gr/lbs: 40 gr/0,08lb
Stripping dimensions mm: 2,7/8,3 mm
Cables: RG 58/59/62/174/180/188/ 195/316/6/ Belden 8282
Description: 3 step strip tool. Cassette included
Strip range: 2,5-7,6 mm / .098-.299”


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