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Neutrik NPP-TB+NPP-LB*
  2 pole 1/4" professional phone plug, gold plated contacts, red rubber overlay, silent ..
Neutrik NA3FM
  3 pole XLR male - 3 pole XLR female (extention adapter)     ..
Neutrik NBB75FI
  Isolated BNC cable jack for panel mount, feedthrough Neutrik's BNC cable jac..
Neutrik NC3MXX
  3 pole male cable connector with Nickel housing and silver contacts. Th..
Neutrik NYS-SPP-L1
Neutrik NP3X
  3 pole 1/4" professional phone plug, nickel contacts, nickel shell The ..
Neutrik Na3MP
  3-pole XLR male - stereo 1/4" plug (Tip, Ring, Sleeve contact)   ..
Neutrik NL8MPR
  8 pole chassis connector, nickel metal square G-size flange, countersunk thru hole..
Neutrik NC3FRX
  3 pole right angle female cable connector, nickel housing, silver contacts T..
Neutrik NPPA-TT-PT
Neutrik NP2RX
  1/4" professional right-angle phone plug, 2 pole, nickel contacts, nickel shell ..
Neutrik Na2mp
  3 pole XLR male – Mono 1/4" plug (tip, sleeve contact) Wired according to ..
Neutrik NCJ9FIV
  3 pole XLR female receptacle with 1/4" switching stereo jack, vertical PCB mount ..
Neutrik NA3FF
  3 pole XLR female Gender conversion adapter     ..
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