Pressmaster 4300-3136/AAA – Mobile die set


Mobile die set for coaxial connectors RG 58, 59, 62, 71 BNC/TNC. This is one of the interchangeable crimp die sets for the MCT frame. A wide range of crimp dies enables the user to cover all applications in just one tool frame.

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Features & Benefits

  • Reliable – crimping performance is consistent and accurate with a parallel action stroke
  • Easy to use – designed to give the user full visibility of the crimping process. Handles are shaped for low effort crimping with a one or two hand grip
  • Versatile – an easy-access release function allows fast and simple exchange of crimp dies. No special tools needed
  • Weight and size of the tool are optimized to make it easy to carry. Dies are kept in pairs and delivered in a modular reusable box
  • Comfortable – the entire tool frame is covered in smooth plastic for comfortable use, also for outdoor operations in all weather conditions
  • Hole in handle allows attachment of safety strap.

Technical Data

Length 30 mm/1.18″
Width 10 mm/0.39″
Height 39 mm/1.54″
Weight 72 gr/0.16 lb
Wire size 86 gr/0.19 lb
Crimp dimensions mm/mm2 1,69 mm HEX/5,41 mm HEX/6,48 mm HEX
Crimp dimensions  inch/AWG 0.067”/0.213”/0.255”
Connector Coaxial connector
Description For example BNC, TNC connectors on RG 58, 59, 62, 71
Life span, cycles 20,000


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