Pressmaster CCC-2511 is a crimping tool


CCC-2511 is a crimping tool for coaxial connectors, 10.9 mm, 5.41 mm, 2.54 mm, 1.69 mm/.213″, .429″, .100″, .067″, HEX-Crimp.

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Features & Benefits

  • High strength, through hardened alloy steel construction
  • Versatile and easy to customize for right hand or left hand users
  • Full cycle crimp mechanism to ensure consistent, reliable crimp
  • Ratchet release mechanism to clear miscrimps and obstructions
  • Precision eccentric adjustment for consistent performance and ability to calibrate
  • Each tool has a unique serial number for traceability.

Technical Data

Length 230 mm/9.06″
Width 21 mm/0.83″
Height 70 mm/2.76″
Weight 540 gr/1.19 lb
Crimp dimensions mm/mm2 5,41/10,90 mm/2,54 mm/1,69 mm
Crimp dimensions inch/AWG .213/.429/.100/.067
Connector Coaxial connector
Description For example BNC, TNC, N connectors on RG 58, RG 8, RG 11, Ethernet, Thinnet
Life span, cycles 50,000
Cables 9914, RG114A/U, RG115A/U, RG12A/U, RG133A/U, RG142B/U, RG144/U, RG165/U, RG166/U, RG1A/U, RG213/U, RG214/U, RG215/U, RG216/U, RG22/U, RG223/U, RG225/U, RG227/U, RG22B/U, RG26A/U, RG302/U, RG391/U, RG58C/U, RG63B/U, RG65A/U, RG79B/U