Pressmaster Corex CX 305 is a 3 blade stripping tool


Corex CX 3xx is a stripping tool for coaxial cable, Ø 2.5-7.6 mm/0.1-0.3″, 3 level stripping.

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Features & Benefits

  • Flexible. Strips more coaxial cable sizes (Ø 2.5-7.6 mm/0.1-0.3″) than any other comparable stripper
  • Accurate Strips most cables with machine-like accuracy. Standard cassettes produce the strip lengths required for the majority of connectors. Custom cassettes can be made to order
  • Unique setting gauge gives simple adjustment of blade height for most common cable types
  • Fast. Simply insert the cables, close and rotate to strip
  • Long-lasting. Steel blades tested for more than 1,000 strips per cassette
  • Economical. High productivity, long life and great versatility make Corex a best buy for anyone who needs to strip more than one cable size
  • Each tool is delivered with one knife cassette, four v-blocks, gauge and allen-key
  • All five cassettes are available as separate items.

Technical Data

Length 90 mm/3.54″
Width 25.5 mm/1″
Height 37.5 mm/1.48″
Weight 40 gr/0.09 lb
Wire size 2.5-7.6 mm / 0.1”-0.3”
Stripping dimensions mm/mm2 adjustable/setting
Stripping dimensions inch/AWG adjustable/setting
Cable Coaxial cable
Description Coaxial cable stripper Ø 2.5-7.6 mm/0.1-0.3
Life span,  cycles 1,000 strips per cassette

Additional information

Blade Spacing(B) mm/“

2,5/0.10, 2,7/0.109, 5,5/0.220, 6,0/0.235, 3,5/0.138

Cassette Color

white, brown, black, green, dark brown

Blade Spacing(C) mm/

6,8/0.266, 8,3/0.328, 5,5/0.220, 6,0/0.235, 7,5/0.295


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