Partex HFC100 – Standard cable ties


Self-locking nylon cable ties with high tensile strength. The virgin Nylon6.6 material features high resistance to oils, lubricants, paints, varnishes and alkalis. Ties are also available in a UV-resistant version.

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Product Characteristics

  • One-piece molded nylon 6.6 non-releasable cable ties
  • Self-locking, high-strength assembly
  • Manufactured in accordance with MIL M20693B and UL94V-2 standards.
  • Bent finger grip and low threading force for quick installation.
  • Smooth rounded edges.

Product Properties

Material Nylon 6.6, in accordance with MIL standard M20693B and in conformity with UL94V-2
Working Temperature from -40 °C to 85 °C

HFC 100

Length 100 mm
Max bundle diameter 18 mm
Min tensile strength 8 kg
Width 2.5 mm


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