Partex PC30 – Open single character markers


Open profile marker for already connected wires. Marker is securely positioned with help of barbs. They have a special chevron shape, which ensures the markers remain in line.

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Product Characteristics

  • Open marker for applying to connected wires.
  • It holds the wire firmly thanks to strong barbs.
  • Special shape makes the sequence of characters made of one-character PC markers always stay in one line.
  • Easy to latch on the wire.

Product Properties

Number of characters 1
Material PVC
Working Temperature 39 mm/1.54″
Print Hot stamped print


Cable area from 2.5 mm² to 4 mm²
Cable diameter from 4 mm to 5 mm
Height 5.5mm
Length 3 mm
Text height 2.6 mm
Width 5.7 mm


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